As with all our products, our solid cast Hooks are manufactured to the highest standards. They are unlacquered to allow the natural beauty of the brass to come through and mellow further with age. They are then polished to give a delightful used effect.

The EPSOM is our large Hook that will grace any home. The overall height is 202mm. The projection from the base is 108mm. The base width 57mm and the base height is 78mm. The main arm is topped off with a machined Beehive top finial. Itís weight is 420g (14.5oz).

We also have 3 beautiful, complementary,† medium size hooks which are topped of with ACORN, ROUND and BEEHIVE finials. These have an overall height of 139mm. The projection is 69mm. The base width is 38mm.

A complete set of individually polished raised head screw fixings are supplied.

All our hooksare also available in polished Chrome & Nickel

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