Cast Fingerplates

A classic example of the Art Nouveau style. This fingerplate weighs 0.48kg (1lb) and measures 257mm high by 77mm wide.

A beautifully decorated Cherub fingerplate. With a solid design structure, itís based on a 16th Century Renaissance style and is as used during the Victorian era. It weighs 0.81kg (1lb 12oz) and overall is 319mm high by 80mm wide.

All our fingerplates are cast. They are individually & sympathetically antiqued through a process of hand-aging. They are left unlacquered to allow the natural beauty of brass to come through, Matching fixings are supplied.

The Dolphin fingerplate has a subtle nautical theme to it with Dolphins and a Shell appearing at the top. It weighs 0.58kg (1lb 4oz) and overall is 317mm high by 81mm wide. The main architectural column in the centre is 66mm wide.

An excellent example of a Georgian style Reeded fingerplate. Exceptionally well manufactured with sharp and distinct characteristics. It weighs 0.76kg (1lb 8oz) and measures 304mm high by 74mm wide.

Our Reeded and Art Nouveau Fingerplates are also available in polished Chrome & Nickel

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