Centre Door Knobs

Our ROYAL LION, REGENCY (LARGE) & REGENCY (MEDIUM) solid cast styles are:

†† - sympathetically antiqued as a result of being individually hand-aged

†† - unlacquered to allow the natural beauty of the brass to come through and mellow further

†† - polished to give a delightful used effect

†† - supplied with matching, hand-aged fixings

The side elevation is shown above.

The Royal Lion is a† substantial and very† impressive centre door knob. It weighs 1.23kg (2lb 11oz). The Royal Lion has a good projection of 111mm. The height of the head is 106mm and itís width is 83mm. The roseplate has a diameter of 116mm.

Each of the Centre Door Knob set includes:

1 centre door knob

1 separate rose plate

1 countersunk, slotted machine screw

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Royal Lion

Regency Medium

The Regency (Large) centre door knob has a crisp and sharp pattern. This is also a substantial and impressive centre door knob. Itís weight is 1.6kg (3lb 9oz). The projection of this centre door knob† is 99mm. It has a diameter of 102mm and the roseplate has a 118mm diameter.

The Regency (Medium)† centre door knob has smoother features than its bigger version. It weighs 0.54kg (1lb 3oz). The projection is 66mm. The centre door knob has a diameter of 66mm and the roseplate is 75mm.

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