WA design and market high quality reproduction door hardware. Our door furniture is made specifically for customers wanting to furnish their homes in an high quality Period or Contemporary style.

We utilise original manufacturing and finishing techniques, wherever possible, to ensure our door furniture has the greatest possible authentic feel to it.

Recent Best Sellers

2. Beehive

7. Imperial (Chrome)

1. Windsor (Ebonised)

4. Chatsworth


6. Imperial

8. Windsor (Wood)

9. Hathaway

5. Cottage (Serrated)

Moreover, we produce a select number of designs. This allows us to focus all of our efforts and energies to producing designs of the highest quality.

Our products can always be recognised by the attention to detail that has been paid to their design, styling and high quality finishes.

The genuineness of our designs has been widely recognised with our door furniture being used in a recent film version of Oliver Twist, as well as the television adaptation of Bleak House.

Our customers include Architectural Ironmongers, Architects, DIY Hardware Retailers, Door Retailers / Stockists, Interior Decorators, Film / TV Set Designers, Hotels, Public Bodies and  Property Developers.

Tel: +44 (0)121 703 9237, Fax: +44 (0)845 450 3417, e-mail: info@wa-products.com

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3. ‘Beehive’ Medium Hook